About RT D

RT Doc is a documentary channel, part of Russia Today media company. The RT Doc online broadcasts offer high quality documentary stories about Russia. RT Doc is highly rated for its content, that covers many different categories, from sports and travel to politics and arts. The channel has received several awards for its exceptional programs.

RT Documentary online programming

The RT Doc programming consists of various documentary programs, that tell the viewer the most exciting stories about Russia and other countries. The programs relate to different categories, there are documentaries about nature, traveling, arts, sports, health, science and many other, — the channel offers something interesting to any type of a viewer. “Travel and Adventure” documentary series introduce the remote and beautiful parts of Russia, exploring the magical places that are located a long way from the tourist roads.  “Arts and Culture” series uncover the beauty of the Russian culture, introducing the amazing musicians and artists, filmmakers and dancers. There are series that tell about interesting historical events, about sometimes shocking cultural traditions of some nations, about ordinary people who make extraordinary things and many more.

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