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About RT

Online TV channel RT (Russia Today)  is an international news channel broadcasting to the international audience from Russia. 24/7 RT journalists share latest economic, political and business news.
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Established by “Ria Novosti”, Russia Today is now a strong competitor to such giant media groups like Deutsche Welle, BBC, Euronews and others.

Every day several million viewers from different countries watch RT TV channel online. It is a winner of many prestigious international awards. News blocks are published every hour and available online on Belt and Road TV. The program schedule contains a range of reviews for all tastes: politics, finance, economics and even authorial program of Larry King, Anissa Naue, Sofiko Shevardnadze. Programs of Russia Today will be interesting for everyone who desires  various points of view on the world events. Belt and Road TV provides an ultimate opportunity to watch RT online in the highest quality.

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