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Perviy kanal


About Perviy kanal

Perviy kanal is a Russian primary TV channel. The channel has been on air since 1995, offering a comprehensive number of programs and television projects, and viewers all around the world can watch Perviy channel online.

The channel’s content includes many programs that entertain and educate viewers. There are also news blocks scheduled during the day. Among the analytical content the most popular program is a 30-minutes “Time” program, aired every day at the evening, covering the important news of the day.

The most famous TV program on Perviy channel, as well as one of the most rated entertainment program among all channels in Russia, is a talk show “Let them talk”, hosted by Andrey Malakhov. During this show the invited guests talk about their personal situations and society issues. Another program, “Live healthy!” hosted by Elena Malisheva, tells viewers about different ways to live a healthier life, and includes recommendations from invited to this talk show doctors and experts. The program “Fashion verdict” hosted by Evelina Khromchenko introduces the invited guests who have problems with their style and shows how Evelina and other experts help them to change the way they look. The channel constantly introduces new TV projects to viewers.

The channel’s programming also includes films and documentaries, scheduled usually at the evening. On weekends and holidays the number of films and serials increases.

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