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About JSBC International

The channel began working in October, 2004, and, since then, its audience has steadily grown, to include viewers in America, the Pacific Islands, Asia and Europe.

«JSBC International» is a part of JSBC (Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation). By scope of broadcast coverage, it’s the third largest network in China, which provides the official information channels to the government of the Jiangsu Province. JSBC is comprised of about twenty TV channels of various themes. Most of these may be viewed free of charge, however, there are also premium channels. In addition, JSBC has more than ten radio stations, an assortment of printed and online media, and its own film studio.

SPB TV China provides reliable online access to «JSBC International» outside of China. Using the service through the browser on your personal computer or the app on your mobile iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to watch news from Nanjing anywhere on the globe.

江苏国际频道是江苏广电总台为全球中高端人群打造的一个具有人文精神的国际频道,于2004年10月1日开播,先后实现了在北美洲、亚洲、大洋洲、欧洲、 拉丁美洲等5大洲20多个国家和地区的覆盖,拥有全球直接用户约1000万、影响人群约1亿人。目前,全天候24小时滚动播出,拥有《走读江南》、《新视 界》、《看文化》、《甄宝坊》、《纪录》、《悦·生活》、《长江视野》、《经典剧场》等一批品牌栏目。

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