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About Dragon TV International

A broad variety of news and analysis from Shanghai, the financial and business center of China, is provided both on workdays and weekends. Leading experts participate in discussions concerning economics and politics. Entertaining TV shows and popular series are shown at prime-time for the broadest audiences.

The channel began broadcasting in October of 1998. Five years later, it received its current name, Shanghai Dragon Television, or Dragon TV.

The Shanghai Media Group, owner of Dragon TV, has over 30 channels that are available on a free or premium basis, as well as a number of radio stations and newspapers. It was formed 2001, and since then began actively developing into the largest media corporation in China. It is the owner of the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower, built in 1994, and now known as one of symbols of Shanghai.

Dragon TV’s state-of-the-art production facilities enable the broadcasting of over five hours of news and information a day. The remaining time is filled with entertainment content.

Dragon TV is available online through the SPB TV China service, on all personal computers and mobile devices that are connected to the Internet. If your device operates with an iOS or Android system, make use of the mobile SPB TV China app.


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