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About CEN

CEN is a VOD (video on demand) channel, meaning all of its materials are available online on the SPB TV China platform at the choice of the user.

CEN’s content is provided by the China Economic Network web portal. Of all the official news web-sites in China, CEN is the only site dedicated totally to the expert coverage of economic news and trends.

CEN is a part of the Chinese media holding, “The Economic Daily”

The portal has state-of-the-art production facilities with the latest technologies at its disposal. Therefore, China Economic Network’s team is producing video news format at the highest of worldwide standards.

China Economic Network’s news reports are available online and on television not only in China, but also in South Korea, the U.S.A., Great Britain, South Africa and Egypt. A user-friendly and convenient service, SPB TV China supports access to the CEN channel anywhere in the world, wherever Internet is available.

中国经济网(简称中经网)是经济日报社主办的中国国家级重点新闻网站。《经济日报》是中国三大报中唯一的财经媒体,在中国财经类媒体中最具权威性和公信 力。中国经济网日均点击量4000万次,据全球点击量排名网站ALEXA数据,中经网全球排名400位左右,国内排名60位左右,为中国点击量前三的财经 网站。中经网每日用汉语、英语、俄语、韩语等9个语种发布上万条新闻;视频节目制作精良,2014年获得网络视听十佳品牌栏目等5项中国视频大奖,节目通 过家庭理财数字频道覆盖全国;在移动互联网领域

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