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About CGTN Russkii

CGTN Russian  is a Chinese state television channel, part of the huge government media organization. The channel was specially created for Russian viewers, when the government of China selected a more open policy regarding to other countries. The live broadcasts of CGTN channel offer a great opportunity for people around the world to see a real situation in China, to understand it’s culture, traditions and way of life.

The daily broadcasting of CGTN Russian consists of a wide range of programs that are usually less then 45 minutes long. There are many programs that tell the viewer about Chinese traditions and history, about Chinese cuisine, music, contemporary and traditional art. CGTN Russian provides daily 6 hours of Documentaries programming, at morning, daytime, evening and late in the night. So, no matter on what the viewers’ schedule is, he will be able to select a time that is convenient for him. Chinese TV serials are also scheduled throughout the daily programming. Every day the channel airs a TV program about Chinese cuisine, that allows viewers not only see what people eat in China, but also learn who to cook it themselves.

In addition to educational programs, CGTN Russian online broadcasts also offer analytical and business content. Therefore, the channel will be interesting for those who consider to succeed in business in China. News editions are provided on a regular basis every hour or two. For business-oriented viewers will be also interesting a program “Business” that offers many information about economy and politics, and program “Way to a success” that offers real live stories about general people in China who have managed to succeed.  

CGTN Russian live broadcasts are available during the day and night for Belt and Road TV viewers, free and in a good quality.

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