About CGTN

Online TV CGTN International is a main channel of CGTN family, huge government media organization in China. The live broadcasts of CGTN International offer a great opportunity for people around the world to find out about the situation in China and Asia at large from the first source.

CGTN International is a news TV channel, highlighting the important economic, political and social global and local affairs. There is News Hour scheduled in the morning, and then the 30 minutes’ news editions are provided on a regular basis every hour or two, highlighting the updates of a day. The local news of China and Asian countries are discussed in such TV programs like China 24, Asia Today, Biz Asia and other.

The daily programming consists of many high-quality programs. Among the most popular and influential TV shows is a talk show “Dialogue”, where guests debate on the hottest topics, that make headlines in media around the globe. Another program, “Travelogue”, offers viewers to travel to the most authentic and interesting places of China and some other Asian countries. TV channel also offers programs Africa Live and Faces of Africa that help to learn more about the situation in Africa. TV programs are airing right from Kenia, where CGTN has a local presence, and introduce the real-life stories of extraordinary people from Africa, as well as information on the real-time situation in the region.

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