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About CCTV-4 China

CCTV-4 is an international TV channel for viewers who speak, or are studying the Chinese language. They can watch news, documentaries and TV dramas with the most popular Chinese comedians, listen to music or follow sports competitions, wherever they may be. For the younger viewers, the channel offers a wide variety of children’s programming.

CCTV-4 is one of the channels that make up CCTV, or “China Central Television”, the leading national television corporation.

TV began broadcasting in China on the 2nd of September, 1958. From then on, residents of China’s capital were able to regularly watch “Beijing Television”. In 1972, taking advantage of satellite technology, all of China had access to TV channels. In 1977, all of the channels were fully converted to color broadcasting.

The methods of distribution for CCTV’s channels are continually improving along with the evolution of media technologies, and their numbers are constantly increasing.

Today, there are more than thirty CCTV channels, over twenty of which are available free of charge, the rest are premium.

Many CCTV channels support worldwide broadcasting in all of the most widely spoken languages of the world.

CCTV-4 was launched in 1992, broadcasting six-hours a day internationally.

These days, channel CCTV-4 is available outside of China on the SPB TV platform, anywhere in the world. You can watch CCTV-4 online on your personal computer or mobile device in iOS and Android. Just download and install the Belt and Road TV app on your device, and you’ll never miss a show of interest!

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