Belarus 24


About Belarus 24

Belarus 24 is state-owned Belorussian television channel that airs to over 100 countries all around the world. Belarus 24 programming consists of the most rated national programs of the country, such as documental films, social projects, children’s' programming, the reviews of cultural events of the Republic of Belarus and more. The focus is made on the news and analytical content. Belarus 24 gives much of its coverage to programs that highlight what is happening in the world, as well as to regional events. The daytime programming is featuring political talk-shows, interviews with special guests and experts from various fields - economy, sports, art and other, bringing to the viewers fresh and diverse look at the global situation. The TV channel aims to show to the world's community the life in Belarus, the spirit of the country, inform about the country’s achievements, introduce its attitude towards various international events and news. Watch Belarus TV online in Belt and Road TV!

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