China: online live and on demand

«Belt and Road TV» formerly named «SPB TV China» is a reliable, legal and free of charge service, which provides users with a unique catalogue of TV and VOD channels:

«Belt and Road TV» on iPhone or Android

Why is «Belt and Road TV» the best way to watch Chinese TV channels?

Is it convenient? Yes, it is indeed! Is it better than traditional TV? Take a look for yourself:

  • «Belt and Road TV» is available on any mobile device connected to “mobile Internet” or Wi-Fi;
  • you can easily continue watching through the browser on your PC at any time;
  • with «live previews» (continuously updated screenshots) you are able to see what is currently showing on every channel;
  • you can also scroll through the “channel strip” to find the most interesting program;
  • by reducing the player’s size, you can watch a channel in the corner of the screen, while browsing the program guide or a menu;
  • the interactive TV guide displays 8 days in advance, and making a choice will be easier thanks to the ability to search for channels and even individual programs by subject!

Technical support

We are ready to interact with our users and want to be aware of what you like, or do not like about our service.
For extremely responsive support, write to:

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